Help (FAQ)

1. I would like to login on the site of Handschuh-Express. What is my username and password?

Your username is your email address. Your password is set by yourself on the first login. After the login on you will receive an email with your login data.

2. What payment method do I have?

You can pay the bill with cash in advance, Paypal, direct transaction or by invoice. Find more information here.

3. How can I redeem my coupon?

In order to redeem your coupon, click “cart” and enter your coupon number. Your coupon will first be redeemed when you sign in as a customer. The voucher credit will then be credited to your account. Your actual coupon amount will be shown right after the entry of the codes. Then you will have the chance to choose under the “payment method”, to redeem the coupon or not.

4. Will my coupon credit be redeemed automatically?

No. When you redeem your coupon code, the coupon credit will be credited to your account. Then under the “payment method” you have the chance to choose for which order you want to redeem the coupon. Your coupon will not expire. It will remain on your customer account until you decide to redeem it.

5. Will my coupon credit be summed up in my account when I redeem more than one coupon code?

Yes. When you enter more coupon codes, the value will always increase on the each value. Your current credit will be shown to you after the entry of the codes. When you want to redeem the total credit together, it is only possible in one order. You cannot divide the credit to more orders. When you want to redeem one coupon value per order, we recommend you to redeem the coupon just before each order and then use directly.

6. What should be considered when making my passwords?

Most of the characters from the alphanumeric section are permitted, like A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and diverse additional characters. It is not allowed to have quotation marks, apostrophes, and Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Cyrillic or similar characters. The password length should be at least 5 and maximum 13 characters.

7. I forgot my password. What should I do?

Click  "password forgotten". Now enter the security code and the email address which you registered with. At the end you will receive an email with your login data.

8. How can I change my password?

To change your Password, click “Change password” under “My Account” Now enter your current and new password.

9. Can the receipt of the password request be restricted?

Yes, sometimes it can happen that through the settings in web browser (Cookies) or settings of your computer and software (Firewall, Proxy, Anti-Virus-Program, Spam filter, etc.), your activation link does not work (anymore), or the email doesn’t reach you at all.  We ask you to take this into account.

10. The password request came without asking. What should I do??

The password request is sent at any time by Handschuh-Express. When you receive it even though it was not requested by you, we ask you to contact our Service Center.

11. Why doesn’t the activation link work despite the receipt of the email?

These can be caused by different reasons. Local installed security software (Anti-Virus-Program, Firewall, etc.) or protective systems of different webmail providers (Internet mailbox) can damage the function. The Internet connection and the window with Handschuh-Express online shop should not be closed in the meanwhile. If necessary, copy the activation link from your email and paste it to a new window or tab.

12. Can I change my address or add a new address?

Yes, you can change your personal data. Click “My Account”. Under “Address book” you can change your address or add a new one.

13. Is it possible to deliver the goods also on Saturday?

Yes, with to the premium shipping fee it is possible for us to also deliver the goods on Saturday.

14. Is it possible to send the goods by Express to a certain point of time?

Yes, with an additional Express fee the goods can be sent to a certain point of time.

15. The system doesn’t accept my VAT number. What can I do?

In this case, sign in as “small business”. Then there shouldn’t be any problem with the identifying of the VAT number.